Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Makeovers Comeback!

..But this time they're going to be done by me! :)
I will do a couple every week, and it will be showed on the blog.
If you want a blog-featured makeover, request me. If you want it based on a celebrity, theme, etc., inform me in your request. (: I'm only starting this because many people seemed to be interested in it, and Catwuver stopped it, and I can't blame her, I know how crazy Stardollians can get! ;)

But a little recognition for the best writer I've ever hired; Catwuver01!!! :) Applause, applause! I know I can always count on her. :) She kept on posting even though I didn't inform her I was going on a three month vacation and there was no available internet. THANK YOU AGAIN! You will get a lil' something from me.. check your suite! :)

Adios Amigos!

Hey Everyone! :)

Soooo, All of the submitted writers, please contact me and add me and I will make my final decision out of the 14. IF you missed that chance... Just contact me, but tell me that you're a new participant. Also, new participants have a new fill out form :)

How long you've been on Stardoll:
How long you've been on this blog:
How much time you spend on Stardoll:
A little statement explaining why you want to write:

:) Thanks! Hope to get many requests from you guys! :)


Sunday, April 3, 2011

OUR COMEBACK! :) +Writer Contest.

Dear readers,
Sorry I haven't been posting...AT ALL.
I took a long break off of Stardoll and all of my blogs and am making a comeback! :)
The thing is... I can't do it alone.. so I am asking for help. I am holding a contest (right now) for any interested to write for this blog. Anybody can sign up, but only 15 will proceed to the first round.
Fill this out in a comment:
Stardoll Username;
How long you have been using stardoll;
How long you have been reading this blog;
Why you want to write for this blog;
Country you live in;

Thank You !! :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I need helperz!

I need helpers for this blog! I suckz alone! D: Please!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Where did it go?!

No more "Active Clubs"! I used that to find the clubs I liked to go on that aren't on the popular list! :(
Oh well!

Stardoll Girl!

My new Banner :)

Do you guys like it?

Free Moxie Girl Skatboard!